Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wow, what a whirlwind!

I hope you all survived! I am thrilled i made it through the holidays! While i love every minute of preparations and gift giving, it's very wearing starting Christmas "early" to get ahead in September, then finally finishing up on Christmas Eve. I do it every year! Someday i'll get ahead of the game! I have a long list of posts, so hopefully this will be a good start to show you what i've been up to, and hey, maybe you can get some ideas for next year ;)

Personal Pillow Cases
My Girlfriends Quilt Shop has the cutest, easiest pillowcase kits. I picked up three for my kids and whipped them up in no time! I did a quick decorative stitch down each cuff to personalize them a bit more. The Girls at MGQS even made it more easy by having these cute little tags made up to go with each pillow case. Then, I "dusted them with Christmas Fancy" Of course everything is more special with a little silver glitter spray on them! Oh, and one of my new favorite things (i'm new at this fabric/sewing stuff ;) is saving my selvage edges that i would normally throw away and use them for tying up packages! Save, save, save!! Click the link below for a video tutorial on how to make easy, darling pillow cases from the Kim and Kris, on the DIY Dish!

Easy Pillowcase Video Tutorial

Click the Image to see the poem larger!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Let The Gift Making Begin!!!

Thanks to a very inspiring new quilt shop in town, My Girlfriends Quiltshoppe and a very patient sewing teacher, i've been inspired to learn to sew. Yes, my Mom is still in shock! Every year i say i'm cutting down on the handmade gifts, then end up making stuff last minute. With my new found sewing addiction (and might I add i'm talking very basic beginner here ;), i've had lots of ideas for my kids that i've wanted to sew. I found these cute doll diapers on Pinterest awhile ago and decided to give them a try. Easy peasy! I used this tutorial here from CraftaHolilics Anonymous . I ended up using fleece on the inside and printed flannel on the outside. Little Miss is going to love them! I can't wait! More projects coming! I finished 3 twin sized quilts for my little ones.......can't wait to get them back from the quilter!!! Pics to come!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hot Fudge

If you are a chocolate fan, and you like hot fudge......this recipe is for you! I wanted to share this from one of my all time favorite food blogs........Our Best Bites. Hot Fudge Sauce. Click the link and it will take you to their site for the recipe. WARNING: it is super easy (1 minute or less, only 3 ingredients that you always have on hand, and very addicting! Would be the perfect neighbor gift!

Friday, November 11, 2011


My newest digi creation! This kit is adorable! N0vember subscription kit: FALL IN LOVE by Michelle Coleman available at Little Dreamer Designs. These photos were taken by my very talented friend Alexis Miller! She is now back in business!! Check her out here for more info!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Because I Need One More thing To Do..........

Here is my new public home for all things that make Ginger happy! My life is one big project, lol, but this will be where i can showcase what i really do with my "spare" time! So, without further rambling...................my first post.

I made this Ruffled Zebra Crayon Roll for my niece's birthday. I altered the pattern a bit and added a ruffle and Velcro (3 year olds can't tie bows!) You can find the pattern HERE! They work great for church and are good to have on hand for gifts!