Monday, December 5, 2011

Let The Gift Making Begin!!!

Thanks to a very inspiring new quilt shop in town, My Girlfriends Quiltshoppe and a very patient sewing teacher, i've been inspired to learn to sew. Yes, my Mom is still in shock! Every year i say i'm cutting down on the handmade gifts, then end up making stuff last minute. With my new found sewing addiction (and might I add i'm talking very basic beginner here ;), i've had lots of ideas for my kids that i've wanted to sew. I found these cute doll diapers on Pinterest awhile ago and decided to give them a try. Easy peasy! I used this tutorial here from CraftaHolilics Anonymous . I ended up using fleece on the inside and printed flannel on the outside. Little Miss is going to love them! I can't wait! More projects coming! I finished 3 twin sized quilts for my little ones.......can't wait to get them back from the quilter!!! Pics to come!

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  1. Super fun! I'm linking up your project to my weekly party for you and get some followers over here. Now you have to get a project together for a guest post. We also need to get you a site button... Get on it, Girl.
    Your favorite slave-driver,