Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hello Project Life 2011/2012

WARNING: PICTURE OVERLOAD! So, my new adventure this year, i'm hopping on the Project Life wagon, and so far i'm in LOVE! Its making me more aware of, and much better at documenting whats going on in our home daily! So, i decided to try to keep up by month of last year, along with this years months as they come. Hopefully I can keep up, here is my 2011 Cover.

I didn't take many photos in 2011 January, so here is my montly review:

Next: Feb. 2011

Then this year 2012
Cover: First I printed one of my favorite conference talks from the fall session and put it in a sleeve with this free printable art. Next I put a Cathy Z's freebie 6by12 freebie customizable title page, which i printed at home. Then the first page with the kids pics.

Next Week One 2012: Not too many pics were taken due to so many sickies in the house. I had the kids fill out the little interview questions, then printed the quote art below. page on the left: I finally broke out my Silhouette and got going, made the little welded get well on the right of the page......i'm addicted already!

I'm tyring to learn how to make a linkable supply list, if you have any questions in the meantime, please ask!


  1. Ginger you are seriously amazing for taking on two years! These pages are so great. You are are such a great photographer. I love the cut out doily and this year's cover page is awesome!

  2. So, if I dump several sd cards in your lap and a wad-o-cash, would you do my pics??? I don't have the scrapping creativity anymore...